Jumat, 30 Desember 2016

Kue Donat Empuk Lengkap Cara Pembuatannya

Kue Donat Empuk Lengkap Cara Pembuatannya - After a moment of breaking recur in my life I was not looking for a boyfriend out for a while, and focus on my world, at the beginning of 2016 is more rampant the world of stand up comedy and I was one penyukanya, as well as a comica well in school, even dijadiin community chairman Stand up comedy at school.

Many women are fascinated because I and a friend always openmic in school, especially they are always waiting for me when I perform, but of the many women who amazed on the one hand I feel a longing deep, on navisya, I also intend menghubunginnya again after 3 months lost contact to him, it turns out his cell phone number is still active and they are used to, we are going all again, if they say we broke up if you've continued to revert again definitely feels different, but I think it's wrong, depending on one's emotional nature and even though 85% of them as possible.

Navisya not changed much still the same pemanja, funny, and sweet-spoken, but silly me, I betrayed him again. At that time I said I would go back because the school wanted to hold a farewell to Bali. but after I got back from Bali I did not let him know, because before to Bali I told her I tuh phone was broken and I had to wear bali are not standard Android phone, perhaps here lies regret, I lied. I was gone longer than his mind about a month, because after returning from Bali desire to have a girlfriend in the real world is still in my heart.

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After returning from bali else I invented with my class sister that I love called Fira, until navisya does know because when I post the photo I with the Fira in medsos instagram.Dan he cried after a long time he was waiting for me in fact I've got a new lover, really I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid. But time is running he could merelakanku happy just the opposite sometimes every night I always remember him in a dream.